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The seeds story

If you have read my previous post, you would have seen my photo featuring seed packets from various sources.

Like most people starting off, Diggers club is the first online seed shop I came across. (Who haven’t seen their two-page-spread coloured advertisements in most popular gardening magazines?) Also, back in 2007 when I first started, “The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden” by Clive Blazey, Jane Varkulevicius, published by the Diggers club was one of the few books written for growing fruits and vegetable in Australia, and it was, and still is a rather attractive and well presented book.

Like everything I take an interest in, after visiting their online shop, I asked my friend “Google” for more like them, and regularly look for new ones. So I ended up ordering seeds and planting materials from Green Harvest, Eden Seeds, Greenpatch organic seeds, and other random seeds from shops and garden shows.

Naturally, I ended up with a lot of different variety of seeds. However, I was reluctant to ‘waste’ seeds, and didn’t want to thin out the seedlings. So I wasted a lot of time on raising seedlings, and if not enough germinates or survives, I either replant or miss the sowing windows. Then there’s the space and time issues. Although my parents’ backyard is of a generous size in today’s standard being a traditional suburban block, when you have twenty odd different varieties of plants, and some require long growing season or large spacing, I never ended up with a fully grown plants with some of those seeds, and many expired before I can give them a second go…

Armed with lessons learnt from the past, I’ll follow the guidelines I set for myself below for at least the next few growing seasons:-

1. Do not buy any more seeds until I run out of what I’ve got now.
2. Only plant what grows well with minimal maintenance from experience
3. Experiment with only one or two new variety / type / species at a time
4. Just sprinkle seeds on when ever there’s space in garden beds and then thin out or transplant as required
5. Not going to bother with trellising, and caging etc

I think this minimalist approach would suit me better. We’ll just see how I go over the next couple of growing seasons… after I get the garden cleaned from weeds….


Planting seeds

After yesterday’s weeding, I finally have some garden bed space back!!
So the obvious next thing to do, is plant some seeds! I have just done an audit and threw out all the expired seeds a few months back. What I’ve got left were either not expired at the time, seeds I saved myself, or given by/swapped with others… those ones have no expiry dates on them.

I used to carefully plant seeds in rows, or seedling trays, and timed my sowing with the moon calendars ~ I don’t have the time for it now, and I don’t think it really did help me before, since I used to miss the planting days half the time, so have to wait for the next planting period and ended up sowing my seeds late, or left seedlings in their trays for too long and ended up outgrowing the trays and died…

So, my approach now is more relaxed. I just chucked some eggplant, pak choi, and what I think are coriander seeds onto the bed. Scraped the top soil a little with the hoe, and that’s it. Will see what will germinate.