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My first Feijoa flower

It flowered for the first time after approximately 5 years. Very pretty flower so that I was distracted by its beauty and forgot to taste test the petals…

It was the only bloom on the tree, so that’s a lost opportunity… also, since there’s only one single flower, I doubt there would be any fruit. If it indeed forms a fruit, I would be then sure that this is a self-fertile tree!

There’s a feijoa blog with very good growing information on it Makes me want to buy another tree to ensure I get some fruits!!



Fragrant mangoes ~

It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot have happened since then.
Firstly I harvested two mangoes from my cutting grown mango. They’re not big (see picture), but very fragrant, moderately sweet with no fibre! I still have no idea what variety of mango it is, but it’s definitely a keeper! By the way, it was harvested in January.

I’ve also harvested my first pineapple in February, which was planted 4 years ago. It was a bit bigger than my mangoes, although I think it would have gotten bigger if it didn’t get knocked down by the storm. Or more accurately, a huge gum tree branch knocked down by the storm which knocked down my pineapple pot.

The choko trial didn’t work out though, everytime it trys to shoot, the new shoot dies very quickly. I think chokos do not like to be grown in containers.

Mango Please excuse my blurry photo.