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Sometimes, you just need to be patient…..

I though the Strawberry Guava I bought in August was dead.  I transplanted it to a slightly larger pot within a week of purchase, and watered it in really well with seaweed solution, but the leaves looked a bit dried.

Soon after that, there was a couple of windy days, and all the leaves dropped.  It stayed bare since September… so I thought it was dead.  However, I kept it watered every time I water my other pot plants, so maybe in my heart, I was secretly hoping that it wasn’t completely dead.  I was soooo happy to found there are new leaf buds on the tree today!

It shows that a bit of patiences pays off 🙂

Now, I hope my golden shower tree will do the same….




My first Feijoa flower

It flowered for the first time after approximately 5 years. Very pretty flower so that I was distracted by its beauty and forgot to taste test the petals…

It was the only bloom on the tree, so that’s a lost opportunity… also, since there’s only one single flower, I doubt there would be any fruit. If it indeed forms a fruit, I would be then sure that this is a self-fertile tree!

There’s a feijoa blog with very good growing information on it Makes me want to buy another tree to ensure I get some fruits!!


BOGI fair scores

It was the annual BOGI fair the Sunday just past, I didn’t go last year so I made an effort to go this year. I wanted to get a strawberry guava ($8, AKA as red cherry guava), and a grumichama ($6) from Forbidden fruits nursery

Of course I ended up buying more than planned, with the extras being a dwarf tropical apple Anna ($15), a coffee tree ($6), and two strawberry plants of varieties I haven’t heard of at $3 each 🙂 (Sweet Rose and Sweet Pink) All up I’ve spent a total of $41 ~ Pretty good I reckon. All trees were from Forbidden fruits nursery, and apparently all of them were on special. I was really tempted to get a Jaboticaba ($10), and a Ylang Ylang ($10) which were marked down too, but I suspect I really have no room ……(really? Do I need to suspect? I have NO room!!) The strawberries were from Brett’s home and timber hardware I think….

I can’t find any information about these two strawberry varieties though, hope they’ll grow well ~



Spring is a busy time for us gardeners 🙂 Tough decision for where to go this weekend with Bonsai Bonsai Society of Qld exhibition, Pohlmans spring celebration, and father’s day activities…

Fragrant mangoes ~

It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot have happened since then.
Firstly I harvested two mangoes from my cutting grown mango. They’re not big (see picture), but very fragrant, moderately sweet with no fibre! I still have no idea what variety of mango it is, but it’s definitely a keeper! By the way, it was harvested in January.

I’ve also harvested my first pineapple in February, which was planted 4 years ago. It was a bit bigger than my mangoes, although I think it would have gotten bigger if it didn’t get knocked down by the storm. Or more accurately, a huge gum tree branch knocked down by the storm which knocked down my pineapple pot.

The choko trial didn’t work out though, everytime it trys to shoot, the new shoot dies very quickly. I think chokos do not like to be grown in containers.

Mango Please excuse my blurry photo.

Super Prize Tomatoes

I wasn’t going to buy any seedlings, but it was more than half price at a supermarket… only $1.30 for a pot of tomato seedlings. The reason they marked them down is of course due to half of the seedlings were dead already, and all of their pots were bone dried. But I did spot a pot with three surviving seedlings of a variety called “Super Prize” which only grow to 50 cm high. I have always grown open pollinated indeterminate, so a small determinate F1 tomato is new to me, and it’s a bargain too good to pass.

After watering them regularly for a week, I think it’s ready to be planted out. Sadly when I tried to separate them, I found their roots were all tangled up. Although I managed to separate them, a lot of roots were lost. There was a little surprise though, there were four seedlings instead of three. Well, I hope at least one of them survive. I have potted them into different size containers, the largest of which is a Styrofoam box. So there’s a lot of spare space in that one, in order not to not waste valuable grow space I’ve poked in a few cuttings (Wisteria, crabapple, and mostly prunus mume) to see if they’ll take.

Hopefully, I’ll have an update in a couple of months with harvests ~

Tomato plants transplanted into different containers ~

Tomato plants transplanted into different containers ~