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My baby crabapple tree went to a good home

I’ve decided to cut the air-layer and pot it up after my last post on my crabapple, considering that the tree was dormant, and was probably the best time to make the cut. Plus, I was a little concern about the mother tree due to beetle grubs ate a lot of the roots.

It sat there for a couple of months, and finally both the mother tree, and the new air-layered tree’s leafing out, and even throwing out flowers. The mother tree appears to be in good health, but I don’t see any suitable branches for another layer for a fellow gardener who’s wanted a white flowering crabapple for a while, so I decided to give away my first successful layer.

It’s sad to see my baby tree go, but I’m sure it will be a good home!




Blondie Strawberries

Two strawberry posts in a row! Never seem to get enough strawberries nowadays with my son loving to eat PYO (Pick-Your-Own) strawberries!

I wanted to get these white strawberries since it was advertised in Pohlmans nursery’s 2015 autumn winter catalogue, it was said to have a slight pineapple flavour.

They were $2 a pot in the factory outlet section of their nursery on their spring open day, so I grabbed a couple. They’re a little pot bound and advanced in those small square pots, so I think that’s why they’re in the factory outlet area.

The good thing about them being advanced is they were already in flower, and so fruited very soon. I can tell you that they do indeed have a slight pineapple flavour, albeit a bit on the small side. I suspect they may be alpine strawberries, or a hybrid of it ~

The down side to it, is that it needs a bit of experience to tell whether a strawberry is ripe or not. I think I have left a few of them over ripe. Wonder how long the plant would last ~

Strawberry Blondie

Strawberry Blondie

Fragrant mangoes ~

It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot have happened since then.
Firstly I harvested two mangoes from my cutting grown mango. They’re not big (see picture), but very fragrant, moderately sweet with no fibre! I still have no idea what variety of mango it is, but it’s definitely a keeper! By the way, it was harvested in January.

I’ve also harvested my first pineapple in February, which was planted 4 years ago. It was a bit bigger than my mangoes, although I think it would have gotten bigger if it didn’t get knocked down by the storm. Or more accurately, a huge gum tree branch knocked down by the storm which knocked down my pineapple pot.

The choko trial didn’t work out though, everytime it trys to shoot, the new shoot dies very quickly. I think chokos do not like to be grown in containers.

Mango Please excuse my blurry photo.

Naturally chocolate

This is the season of chocolate pudding fruits (aka black sapote, scientific name is Diospyros digyna), you can find them in farmers, or fresh food markets 🙂

This one is ready to eat


I’d love to try ice-cream beans too, but have yet to find them ….