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Weeding ~

I’m so proud of myself ~ Did some more weeding, and this is the before and after photo comparison ~

Don’t mind the pergola’s pole in the middle of the pictures…

Before and after weeding

Before and after weeding

After weeding, I finally have some garden bed space back!!

So the obvious next thing to do, is plant some seeds! I have just done an audit and threw out all the expired seeds a few months back. What I’ve got left were either not expired at the time, or seeds I saved myself, or given by/swapped with others… those ones have no expiry dates on them.

I used to carefully plant seeds in rows, or seedling trays, and timed my sowing with the moon calendars ~ I don’t have the time for it now, and I don’t think it really did help me before, since I used to miss the planting days half the time, and ended up sowing my seeds late, or left seedlings in their trays for too long and ended up outgrowing the trays and died…

So, my approach now is more relaxed. I just chucked some eggplant, pak choi, and what I think are coriander seeds onto the bed. Scraped the top soil a little with the hoe, and that’s it. Will see what will germinate.


Spring clean

My son was napping with my husband on Saturday, so I thought I’ll go out to do some clean up in the yard. Which I haven’t done so since my son was born because I wouldn’t be able to hear my son cry in the yard. Nor do I want to rush to his bed covered in dirt either…

So it looks like I pulled up a trolley bin worth of weeds, but I’ve only cleared out one corner where the chives used to be… Looks like it’s going to take many naps….

Spring Clean 1