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Homemade waffle

I wanted to get a waffle maker for a long time, but I’m also a cheapskate and didn’t want to pay $50 for one.

Finally, I found them at Target for $15 yesterday, so I quickly bought it. 
Tried it out with the included recipe straight away, not too bad actually, but would be nicer if the waffles are thicker I think ~

Found out Big W is selling them today too.  Theirs $18, but the waffles are animal shapes!  Oh well, I’m happy enough with just one waffle maker …. For now ..



My first home grown hairy gourd

Hairy gourd, also called Hairy melon… I believe it is a variety of Winter melon ~

This is the first time I’ve successfully grown it… this is the first one on the vine….  I harvested it when it was a little over 1.3 kg ~

Hairy Melon won't fit into my mixing bowl....

Weighing in at 1.3 kg

Stuffed with pork mince, seasoned with dried mushroom, scallops, and shrimp… Yum~~~~

Yum ~~~

Recipe can be found here ~