I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and I’ve been gardening since spring in 2007, which is exactly four years ago..

My interest is mainly in growing edibles.  Occasionally, I’ll found ornamental plants I like the look of ~ as space become scarce, plants that are purely looking good can not occupy valuable land where food can be produce!  That’s how I took up the interest in bonsai (Penjing) as well.  Bonsai is an art form of cultivating trees in pots originating from ancient China.  You can interplant flowers with veggies, but trees are when bonsai techniques comes in handy.  It takes many years to grow a fine specimen, and I look forward to creating one of these.

Early this year (2011), I’ve moved out of home, so I went from a typical sunny 780 sqm block of a 10 years old estate to a new rented town house with a lawn which measures approximately 3m x 2m surrounded by very tall gum trees!  Obviously I’m faced with a completely different set of challenges, and feeling like starting all over again from building the soil and finding out the micro-climate.   This is where this blog begins …..


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  1. Posted by Susan on March 8, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Hi Florence

    I have come across your blog via another Brisbane gardening site and was interested to read your offer of a list of companion plants you had created. I am currently looking for plants that would go with citrus and was wondering if you would be happy to share your list with me ?

    I wouldn’t take to much notice of the blog I started – as expected plans change with time, suffice to say that we are probably around 80% through the hard yakker on the hardscape in the backyard. Time to move onto soil conditioning and planning the planting (finally).




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