BOGI fair scores

It was the annual BOGI fair the Sunday just past, I didn’t go last year so I made an effort to go this year. I wanted to get a strawberry guava ($8, AKA as red cherry guava), and a grumichama ($6) from Forbidden fruits nursery

Of course I ended up buying more than planned, with the extras being a dwarf tropical apple Anna ($15), a coffee tree ($6), and two strawberry plants of varieties I haven’t heard of at $3 each 🙂 (Sweet Rose and Sweet Pink) All up I’ve spent a total of $41 ~ Pretty good I reckon. All trees were from Forbidden fruits nursery, and apparently all of them were on special. I was really tempted to get a Jaboticaba ($10), and a Ylang Ylang ($10) which were marked down too, but I suspect I really have no room ……(really? Do I need to suspect? I have NO room!!) The strawberries were from Brett’s home and timber hardware I think….

I can’t find any information about these two strawberry varieties though, hope they’ll grow well ~



Spring is a busy time for us gardeners 🙂 Tough decision for where to go this weekend with Bonsai Bonsai Society of Qld exhibition, Pohlmans spring celebration, and father’s day activities…


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  1. […] though the Strawberry Guava I bought in August was dead.  I transplanted it to a slightly larger pot within a week of purchase, and watered it in […]


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