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Water to plants

Since we have moved, I now have a tap in the backyard. That’s probably something a lot of people take for granted, but previously I had to go outside to the side of the house to turn the tap on, then throw the hose over the fence to water the garden and my pot plants in the backyard. (Seriously, I don’t know what the building designer/architect for that townhouse complex was thinking?!) It is now so much easier that I’m watering my plants more regularly. It helps that my son is now a little older and okay for me to be out of sight for a little while and also there’s lawn in the backyard for him to play in while I water the plants. The down side is there’s no rain water tank installed in this house. Oh well, I guess there’s no perfect house, especially rental.

Anyway, since the plants are watered more regularly, I can really see their changes. Their leaves looks a lot better, and even start flowering either for the first time, or much more profusely. Namely, the port wine magnolia flowered for the first time, the Lots A Lemon flowered profusely with its perfumed blooms attracting lots of bees, and the wisteria which struggled to push out one raceme the year before, failed to flower last year, have produced four racemes this year ~

It shows a little regular watering goes a long way ~ Even chlorinated town water ~

Wisteria with four racemes

Wisteria with four racemes


BOGI fair scores

It was the annual BOGI fair the Sunday just past, I didn’t go last year so I made an effort to go this year. I wanted to get a strawberry guava ($8, AKA as red cherry guava), and a grumichama ($6) from Forbidden fruits nursery

Of course I ended up buying more than planned, with the extras being a dwarf tropical apple Anna ($15), a coffee tree ($6), and two strawberry plants of varieties I haven’t heard of at $3 each 🙂 (Sweet Rose and Sweet Pink) All up I’ve spent a total of $41 ~ Pretty good I reckon. All trees were from Forbidden fruits nursery, and apparently all of them were on special. I was really tempted to get a Jaboticaba ($10), and a Ylang Ylang ($10) which were marked down too, but I suspect I really have no room ……(really? Do I need to suspect? I have NO room!!) The strawberries were from Brett’s home and timber hardware I think….

I can’t find any information about these two strawberry varieties though, hope they’ll grow well ~



Spring is a busy time for us gardeners 🙂 Tough decision for where to go this weekend with Bonsai Bonsai Society of Qld exhibition, Pohlmans spring celebration, and father’s day activities…