More fruit trees

Training fruit trees, such as espalier, in small space is an important skill to have nowadays if one want to grow a variety of fruit trees with the ever decreasing size of housing blocks and increasing size of houses. There are many books and articles on training trees, and all of them appears to recommend plants like apples, pears, currents, berries, citrus, persimmons, and stone fruits.

Living in Brisbane, there are a wide variety of fruit trees that are suited to subtropical climates to choose from, but not many of those fruit trees mentioned above. Also, I personally love tropical fruits like mangos, longans, mangosteens, and durians etc. I know we’re not hot enough for mangosteens and durians, but I’d love to have different varieties of mangos and longans so that I have supplies of them over the entire season. Fruits trees, especially grafted named varieties are not cheap to buy, and it can get costly to experiment on them. Therefore, I’m thinking about propagating some myself for experiments ~

So far, I have tried air-layer, cuttings, and growing from seeds. Air-layer has been a complete failure, and growing from seeds takes a long time to bear fruits and quality is unpredictable, so I’ll be concentrating on cuttings.

Things I would like to try and have plants on hand are:-
Tahitian lime
Sungold peach
Dwarf black mulberries (had success before)
Valencia orange
Wurtz Avocado
Nam Roi Pummelo
Prunus Mume (Chinese plum, Japanese apricots)

Blueberry from cuttings

Blueberry from cuttings

Blueberry cuttings strike successfully from spring last year doing well.


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