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New garden approach

We’ve lived in a rental townhouse over the past 4 years, and a lot have happened. Obviously, the major event was the birth of my son, and he’s now 2 years and 4 months old. His toys were taking up a lot of space inside, and he needed outdoor play.

The courtyard garden was not kept well at the previous place for the last two years, so naturally full of weeds. My attempt at clean-up was progressing slower than how fast the weeds grows (I’m classifying the galangal as weeds too since I don’t use it, and it’s over taken the taro, and gingko tree, also was threatening the trident maple.) Not to mention I have over 40 plants in containers to maintain.  We had to take time off work and paid extra rent days after we moved to clean up the yard and lay the turf back.

Now, the cleaning up is not the purpose of my post. The purpose of my post is that I’m re-evaluating my gardening approach. At the new place we’ve just moved into, I’m not going to dig up any lawn since
1. I do not have the time to maintain a vegetable garden.
2. My son needs the lawn to play on because I’m too lazy to take him to the park every day.
3. I will not have the dilemma of working out how to return the garden into a lawn when we move …

So I’ll be concentrating my effort on my container plants, which comprises of mostly fruit trees, a few flowering/ornamental trees, pineapples, strawberries, and a few herbs. So hopefully, the containers will get better care, and I will actually get some fruits from more of them!

Trees in pots