Mango grown from cutting

I was given a rooted mango cutting in 2011, and it was shown in my 2012 post “Growing from cuttings“. I don’t know what variety it is, and have searched high and low on information about growing mangoes from cuttings. However, just like most fruit trees, all the information implies that it is impossible! Despite that, it was growing so well, I repotted it into a 400 mm pot before my son was born in 2012.

It is now standing taller than me in its pot, and flowered for the first time last year, but didn’t set fruit. It has flowered for the second time now, and looked like the fruits may stay on 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what mango it is ~~ Although I would think it would most likely be a Bowen ~

Mango babies

Mango babies


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  1. […] since my last post, and a lot have happened since then. Firstly I harvested two mangoes from my cutting grown mango. They’re not big (see picture), but very fragrant, moderately sweet with no fibre! I still […]


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