Airlayering Crabapple

I have attempted airlayering (aka marcotting) once before on a longan tree. However, it was a half hearted attempt, with only one branch, obviously it did not take. I later found that I did not cut deep enough to the cambium layer, nor was the cut wide enough.

I’m trying again with crabapple this time. I’m using coconut coir fibre as medium, and used two types of wraps, bubble wraps, and packaging ziplock bag. I so hope this would work, because I would like to do this to several mature trees I planted at my parents’ place, and it would be a great way to produce plants for sharing and bonsai practice!

Will update in a couple of months 🙂

Crabapple air layer

Crabapple air layer

Follow up to this blog:-


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve never tried this before but looks like an interesting process. Hope it works this time!


  2. […] was October last year when I attempted the airlayer on my crabapple, and in that post I was planning to update in a couple of months. Well, I did check in a couple of months, but I did […]


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