First sign of warmth

Prunus don’t normally flower well in Brisbane since our average chilling hours/units is only about 300. I have bought a couple of Prunus Mume (Ume, or Chinese/Japanese apricots/plum) seedlings about 4 or 5 years ago, but they have not yet flowered. Although I must admit they’re grown in pots and are severely neglected… just like everything else in my garden really…

However, a few seedlings I pricked off the lawn under flowering peach trees at a public park three years ago has been in flower every year since August 2012. Yes, they flowered in later July/early August, just like my peach tree at my parents’ place. They flower every year at the first sign of warmth, it’s not long now till the wisteria will follow ~

All of them really need to be repotted before they start leafing out. I just hope I can get around to it this year ^^

Peach Flowers 2014
The peach flowers in my garden this year

The peach flowers at a public park this year


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  1. Lovely. There are a few growing wild on the side of the road near us. One of the first signs of spring.


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