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Second bunch is coming

The other banana plant planted at the same time is also sending down a flower spike!  This one will probably grow slower though since our weather’s cooling down …



So want to get out there….

It’s autumn in Brisbane, best time in the garden!  But I’m couped up indoor, although I was home with someone else looking after my baby for the most of the last 10 days, because of a lingering flu! 😦
I think it’s on its last leg now, then we were in a traffic accident this morning and injured my finger!  When can I pull out all those weeds!  This pile was pulled more than two weeks ago, and I haven’t made any progress since….


Looks like I’m going to miss another season ..

Almost there?

I counted about seven hands, and about ten to each hand…..
Still haven’t got around to sewing a bag for it yet….. But as shown in the photo, no new ‘hands’ been developed for a while, although the local honey miners been having a great time 🙂