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Show hands


The baby banana hands are showing now!  So cute!!  I think I might order one of those banana protection bags, gotta protect my precious first banana crop 🙂


Going bananas!!

I’m so excited I’m going bananas!! My banana tree is flowering!!! (I know it is not a tree strictly speaking, but it’s easier to call it a tree)

Now, what do I do?  Do I cut off the flower?  When do I do it?  Or do I just wait for the banana to turn up?  Off to Google ~~~~


Homemade waffle

I wanted to get a waffle maker for a long time, but I’m also a cheapskate and didn’t want to pay $50 for one.

Finally, I found them at Target for $15 yesterday, so I quickly bought it. 
Tried it out with the included recipe straight away, not too bad actually, but would be nicer if the waffles are thicker I think ~

Found out Big W is selling them today too.  Theirs $18, but the waffles are animal shapes!  Oh well, I’m happy enough with just one waffle maker …. For now ..