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The best perennial herb

I don’t use much herbs in my cooking, but I have certainly attempted at growing a lot of herbs…

From my experience, what the gardening books tell you are easy to grow are not always the case, it really depends on personal situation, and micro-climate of the patch where the herbs are grown. 

I had common mint and chocolate mint overtaken a veggie bed just like what everyone tells you, but that was a particular wet couple of months in summer.  After cleaning out the bed thinking they’ll grow back, instead they disappeared in the cool dry season. They failed to establish at all in my new garden with less sun light, and hardly any watering.

I could go on and on with my experiences on all the different herbs, but that is not the purpose of my post!  The purpose of my post is to say that garlic chive is the best herb to grow if you want something that last for years, minimal maintenance, drought tolerant, and doesn’t ‘run’, this is the herb for you!  Even if there’s a dry spell and you ‘forget’ to water it, just cut it down to almost ground level, and they’ll bounce back as soon as it rains!  (see photo below, after recent rain storm we had in Brisbane, all lush and green and ready for harvest in a week) Of course it’s just my humble opinion ~

They can be pretty versatile in cooking too, nice in omelettes, in dumplings, spring rolls, and can replace garlic if you’re out of garlic any time.