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First try at mei tai making

Mei tai are simple traditional chinese baby carriers.  Mum used to carry us around with one of these and she have asked for one to carry my nephew with. 
So I bought some cotton duck fabrics and made one following a tutorial from. Grumbles and grunts

Overall, I’m happy happy with my first try, and will make one for myself, and an another one with all four straps the same length for my mum.

However, I’ll make the straps two metres and one metre like the author of the tutorial did for the one I’m making for myself.  Also will make the panel smaller.  The top straps should come under the bub’s arm, but the panel on the one I made comes above the shoulders.  Will make one side with a lighter cotton as well, because I found two layers of duck too hot and bulky for Brisbane summer, and too rough to touch ~



Naturally chocolate

This is the season of chocolate pudding fruits (aka black sapote, scientific name is Diospyros digyna), you can find them in farmers, or fresh food markets 🙂

This one is ready to eat


I’d love to try ice-cream beans too, but have yet to find them ….