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Snappy business 3

I feel so stupid :-/
I thought I already figured out which side was the correct side to hammer by trying to snap the different components together before trying, but it turned out I was wrong afterall……


The side on the left should be facing the prongs and the fabric, the side on the right should be the tool and hammer, and would snap to the stud….. It was so easy after I flipped it to the correct side!!  Wasted so many of them!!! I can see myself using more snaps in my future sewing projects 🙂


Wisteria is blooming

The wisteria is blooming, signaling the ever so short spring in Brisbane, just like the wisteria’s bloom ~

I love wisteria!


Snappy business 2

There’s 30% off everything at spotlight the other day, so I went and bought a packet of 50 birch Studs Gripper With Tool. 

I’ve checked a few tutorials online, and I thought it’d be easy.  You just hammer it right?

No!  After destroying a couple of the grippers, I tried the stud.  The stud was easy because the stud fit into the groove on the tool, so it’s easy to level, but the tool doesn’t sit on the gripper!

I checked the tutorials online again for special tricks, doesn’t appear there’s any, so I tried again and destroyed some more!  Anyone can help me here?  Do I really have to get a pair of pliers?