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Snappy business

I don’t know how much other babies kicks, twists, and turn.  Mine certainly kicks a lot, any wraps, blankets, whatever, just don’t stay on him long enough to keep him warm in the stroller, so I made a stroller blanket with a strap on each side secured by snap fasteners.
I used the snap fasteners I found in an old sewing box given to me.  These were hand sewn ones.  After I have sewn four of these, two on each side, that is eight components altogether for extra strength, I found these fasteners such poor quality that they come loose at a slight pull… Not even strong enough to withstand even a baby kick!  I have to look for another solution!



Productive hobbies

A few years ago, don’t remember exactly how many, I’ve had a few beginner’s sewing lessons, and bought a rather exxy (that is, for my standard, I know there are some ridiculously exxy machines out there) sewing machine with a five years warranty. It ended up sitting in the closet collecting dust for the duration of that warranty …..

Since I am now looking after a baby, outdoor under the sun, in the dirt and spider webs’ not such a good idea unless someone can baby sit for me. I needed another productive hobby to keep me sain, so I’ve picked up sewing again.  Not that I have seriously done any sewing before ….


Message from the garden

Having a baby is a life changing experience, it has stopped many activities I used to do.  Gardening and blogging included.  I used to also sleep with my notebook computer, nowadays, I sleep with a baby, and my mobile, which I run an app to record all the feeding, sleeping, and bowel movement patterns

Being able to sit down in front of a computer is now a luxury! So I am exploring the WordPress mobile app. Although trying to post for the first time with multiple interruptions’ not easy

Anyways, the garden is calling out to me with blooms amongst the overgrown weeds! These peach blossoms were picked yesterday ~

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