Passiflora Incarnata flowering again

The Passiflora Incarnata, aka as Maypop is flowering again! I bought it last year, and it flowered, but didn’t give any fruits, then died down in winter. It re-shoot this spring, and is flowering again. I have hand pollinated a couple of the flowers, and hope it will give some fruits this year ~

Passiflora Incarnata flower

Passiflora Incarnata flower


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  1. I once had one of these vines in my backyard, I really enjoyed the flowers but I had no idea they bore fruit! What is it like?


    • According to my Internet research, they do bear fruits that are like egg sized passionfruits… I’ve never tasted it though since they didn’t fruit last year… my research says that their flowers are self-infertile too, so I might need another plant to pollinate successfully, but will see how I go ~ I have the eating varieties of yellow, and red panama passionfruits growing at my mum’s place, but they’ve all finished fruiting, so I can’t get some pollins there for cross pollination since they flower at different time…


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