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Where are my peaches??

Peaches ripening on the tree ~

Peaches ripening on the tree ~

This photo was taken on 14/10 when I had a quick visit to my parents’ place, and noticed the peaches have start ripening. I’ve told my parents about it, and they didn’t have time to get a good look to harvest until this past weekend, and guess what?

There were none left!!! None on the tree, and nothing on the ground either!!!
We’ve been battling fruitflies and possibly borers on this tree for its first couple of years, and after having chooks and baiting fruitflies for the past three years, we were only starting to harvest relatively fruitfly free fruits last year, and this year, we didn’t get any fruit!!!

I don’t mind sharing some with the wild life, but geez! They’ve got to leave us some!!!

At least with the Mulberry tree, and the passionfruits, the wild life and us both had a good feast! Same with the paw paw, we usually get some too! Were the peaches so good????