Guerrilla Gardening

I have first attempted guerrilla gardening by burying some winter melon seeds on the communal land next to the townhouse I’m living in last year, but they didn’t germinate. It’s always been a difficult one for me to germinate, so I wasn’t very disappointed.

There are a number of gum trees on this land, and the soil is rock hard covered with pine chip mulch, and there’s a drainage path covered by large pebble rocks for the runoff from the neighbouring acreage property. However, it is poorly designed, so the water drain next to rather than in it, washing away some of the mulch when it rains ….

This year, it appears the strawberries I was growing have done some guerrilla gardening on its own by sending runners through the tiny gaps on the fence, despite the winter was so dry and we still haven’t received much rain at all, two strawberry plants have survived!

So I’m trying guerrilla gardening again by planting some butternut pumpkin, and Moon & Stars watermelon seeds. The pumpkin seeds I’ve saved myself a few years ago, but the Moon & Stars watermelon seeds were purchased, and have expired. The last time I attempt to grow it, it rained so much the only one watermelon on the vine split and burst… The pumpkin seeds have germinated after about a week, and it’s been two weeks since they were planted, but there are still no signs of watermelon germinating… I wanted watermelons so much that I might go and buy some more seeds!



Butternut Pumpkin Germination

Butternut Pumpkin Germination


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