Unexpected bloom

It’s probably wrong to do that, but I’ve plucked out some seedlings growing under some flowering peach trees in the mulch and on the lawn at a public park last spring, and planted them in a polyethylene box at home. They have survived, and have grown into twiggy saplings ~

I’ve read that people can get peaches from seed grown peach trees in as short as three to four years time, so I was hoping that I would see some flowers in three years ~ but to my surprise, one of the saplings have a bloom on it!!! Right now!! I’m going to give some of these saplings to my mum who loves peach flowers, and you might see a pregnant woman hunting for more of what looks like ‘weeds’ underneath flowering peach trees at a public park in late spring ~~~

Unexpected bloom

Single flower on a one year old seedling!!

Flowering Peach

Flowering Peach at a public park ~


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  1. […] under flowering peach trees at a public park three years ago has been in flower every year since August 2012. Yes, they flowered in later July/early August, just like my peach tree at my parents’ place. […]


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