A break in gardening …

I started getting morning sickness late April, when I just did my first planting of peas and beans… I was so sick all day all the time that I didn’t feel like doing any thing, and I only started to feel like getting back into the garden now, so I have missed an entire growing season!!

I must admit I was impressed with the few Angela’s blue peas seeds which germinated and survived since I pretty much haven’t watered my garden all this time and they managed to grow and produced a few pods ~ All the Chinese mustards have bolt to seeds, even the tiny seedlings.. . the chives and garlic chives were looking really tired, but have perked up a bit after a few watering sessions. The curly leaf parsley is still powering on!! Some pot plants appears to have died, these include an eggplant, a few strawberries, a Brisbane wattle, a blue lillipilly, and a few other unrecognisable pots of dead twigs …

I’m especially not happy about the blue lillipilly as it appears to be quite hard to find… I bought it as a tubestock from Greening Australia at the Gap last year, but I checked their website, it doesn’t appear to be on their list any more!! Anyway, I’ve gave it a hard prune, and the cambium or whatever the inside of the tree is called, appeared to be still green, so hopefully it’s still savable.

Angela's blue peas ~

Angela’s blue peas ~

Chinese Mustard bolted to seeds

Chinese Mustard bolted to seeds

The dying blue lillipilly

The dying blue lillipilly, which I have trimmed back, hoping it will survive…


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