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passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) in flowers

One of the community Gardens lost their Passionflower plant in the Brisbane flood last year.  Now, I’ve never heard of this before that, and although passionfruit vines are commonly found around here, passionflower is supposedly rare.  One of the ladies on BLF (online forum) found this plant is available from an online nursery and were looking at buying it back for the community garden, and others to share the postage, so I bought one too ~

It lived in the tiny pot it came in the post for a few months before I repot it to a slightly larger pot.  By then it was already struggling having been kept in a pot it apparently outgrew.  It died down after it was moved to the larger pot for a while, and it sent out new growth later.  I then planted it into a polyethylene box which I have previously tried to grow potatoes.  It is growing well now, although potatoes started growing again soon after I planted the Passionflower, but the potatoes have since died again, and the Passionflower is still growing strong.  It’s even started to flower!

Passiflora Incarnata flower

The flower colours  are slightly different to the passionfruit flowers, but I can’t see much difference between them….. I wonder how big the fruits are, and whether they’re editable.  I imagine that they’re smaller, since the vines’s smaller, and the flowers slightly smaller than the ordinary passionfruits ~ But I’ll wait and see 🙂

Passionfruit flower