Growing from cuttings

Many plants can be propagated from cuttings and often much easier than from seeds ~
I’m not very good at it though, because I tend  not to be able to keep them moist consistently, and consequently, they dry out before they shoot out any roots.  However, I’ve still had success with propagating Mulberry, Rosemary, mint, basil, Cassava, mother-of-herbs (Plectranthus aromaticus syn. Coleus aromaticus), and sugarcane by cuttings.  They must have been really easy to root ~ all I did was cut either the tip of growth or section of a twig/branch, remove the leaves down the bottom 1/2 to 2/3, and stick them in the soil.

I’ve received cuttings from other people that are less common, or that I would never would have have thought of propagating from cuttings though.  Eggplants, Tamarillo, Pepino, even a mango just to mention a few …

Cutting grown Tomarillo

Cutting grown Tomarillo

Cutting grown Mango

Cutting grown Mango

The eggplant grown from cutting have just produced its first fruit now 🙂

Cutting grown Eggplant

Cutting grown Eggplant


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  1. […] was given a rooted mango cutting in 2011, and it was shown in my 2012 post “Growing from cuttings“. I don’t know what variety it is, and have searched high and low on information about […]


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