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Sweet Corn Harvest ~

Harvested all the sweet corn and took them to my family’s New Year BBQ ^^

My mum made soup with them ~ These are Golden bantam, the plants are small in comparison to what I grew, and the cobs are not quite full size either, but I’m just happy I got a harvest ~~~

Ready for harvest!

After harvest~

Crop ~


Volunteered Mustards

After I was satisfied that I’ve got most of the seeds off them in my seed saving exercise I’ve left the bunches of ’empty’ seed pods in the polyethylene box for a month to see if any more seeds would come off, but I only got about 1/2 a teaspoon more over that month, so I’ve given the bunches of Chinese mustard seed pods a few last shakes above the garden bed then popped them the compost bin ~

Apparently, I didn’t do a very good job seeing how much seedlings are growing where I’ve given the pods a shake…

Anyways, I’ve prepared a dozen of salted eggs on the weekend, and they should be ready in about a month’s time.  Hopefully, I’ll have lots of Chinese Mustard greens to make this soup

Volunteered Mustard ~