My first pot grown strawberry!!

I have grown strawberries in the ground before, but never eaten any as they’re very popular with the critters, and because the fruits are so close to the ground, they tend to get fungus and rot very easily.  Especially if you’ve been slack and did not mulch them like I did…

Now I don’t have enough real estate in my garden to grow much in the ground, and strawberries are one of the best fruits to grow in containers.  So I’m trying strawberries again.  This time in containers.

Container grown strawberry ~

Container grown strawberry ~

I’ve planted five Torrey crowns, each in their individual pots, which only three servived.  I later bought a Redland Joy, and a strawberry pink.  I have also tried growing Alpine strawberries from seeds without much success…

It is now strawberry season, and I have harvested my first strawberry ever from the Redland Joy plant!  It’s the only plant that’s flowering ~

I think I picked it a day or two too early though.  The flesh was soft with a little bit of strawberry frangrance, but not sweet.



I can’t wait to try some more!!



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