Growing your own mulch

One of the things which are very important when gardening in the subtropics is mulch, especially in a hot and dry continent like Australia.  In South East Queensland, the most abundantly available and affordable mulch is sugar cane mulch due to our sugarcane growing industry.

If you have enough space, it’s very easy to grow your own mulch, but we probably don’t want a big patch of sugarcane unless you have an expensive sugarcane juicing machine.  There are many other plants one can use as mulch which are easy to grow in a home environment, this includes Queensland arrowroot, lemongrass, pigeon peas, mung beans, and soy beans just to name a few.


The plants with little purple flowers is lucerne (aka alfafa) I sow in Autumn with some mustards.  The mustards were pull out and dug in when I sow peas in late Autumn/early winter, and the peas have since been harvested.  I left the lucerne in when I planted sweet corn and squash about a month ago, and now they’re flowering ~ They were covering up my squash plants, so I’ve cut them off and will use these as mulch ~

Lucerne in flowers can make nice floral arrangements if you're skilled in this area, but I'm just drying them for mulch ~


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