My patch of land

I’m lucky in that my landlord doesn’t mind me digging out the lawn and replace it with a veggie patch, so this is exactly what I did.  It’s been about 3 or 4 months since we put in half a cubic metre of purchased compost, almost half a cubic metre of coarse sand, some extra garden soil, and some coir, but things haven’t been growing very well… all the veggies appears to be stunt at seedling stage, and bolt to tiny flowers when the weather start warming up recently.

The only thing that really took off were the peas!  Unfortunately, the trellis I built was too short, and they collapsed into a bunch when it grew too tall, and started getting powdery mildew due to lack of air circulation, so I didn’t get much peas either.

Purple podded peas

Purple podded peas

No matter, it’s now spring, and it’s time for summer planting ~


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